Nines d´Onil export has established its business competitiveness in a global concept of the quality of our products, as well as in the processses and management.


Quality is the factor that differentiates our products and services in the market.


The global concept of quality is a process that has been implemented in a progressive manner in all our company activities, that defines the target to be reached by all the organisation.

Nines d'Onil export complys with the european standards listed below:


EN 71-1: 2011 y EN-2:2011 = “Seguridad de los Juguetes”.
Parte 1 “ Propiedades Mecánicas y Físicas”
Parte 2 “Inflamabilidad”

EN 71:1994/3 (+A1:2001+AC:2002) “Seguridad de los Juguetes”
Parte 3 “Migración de Ciertos Elementos”.


Reports have been prepared by: 


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